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Maureen Little

Salsify and Scorzonera


Here’s a little test of your knowledge, to start this blog post: ‘salsify’ and ‘scorzonera’ are: (a) a new designer fashion label; (b) two closely related moths from the Americas; (c) an Edinburgh Fringe comedy duo act; (d) a pair…

Are you cutting back?


To cut back or not to cut back, that is the question. Now, I’m not talking about reducing spending on your favourite plants – perish the thought! I’m talking ‘cutting back’ in the sense of should you remove dead tops…

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

I first came across the name Chard when I was told as a youngster that my best friend’s Grandad’s second name was Chard. Somewhat unusual, but it seems that there was a tradition in their family of naming the children…

Sparrow Grass

Sparrow Grass

Certain events seem to mark the natural cycle of the year for me: they have become my lodestones. Looking out for the harvest moon is one; the first frost of the winter, another; crocuses heralding the real start of spring…

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